Razorbacks It Is Time


                                             IS THE SEC THE RIGHT FIT?

I have seen this topic come up between fans and on the net over the years and although I am not a Razorback fan I decided to give my opinion on it. Should Arkansas move to another Power 5 conference when the chance comes? To put it politely yes.

In my opinion the Razorbacks will never win the SEC. I am not fully sure why they have some a hard time having success in the league but they are on the whole mediocre at best. Yes the SEC is considered the best conference in the NCAA FBS level. Yes you get tons of money and TV time in the league. Yes you even have a shot going to a bowl game at 5-7. But is money really worth being in a league you will never win?

Arkansas fans have stated “Arkansas State will always win championships and go to bowl games, they play in the Sun Belt.” and yes we probably will continue our success. But, we didn’t always have this success. And I much rather be in a conference I can win than one I can’t. Arkansas has even in recent years lost to teams that are from the Group of 5. So what is the future of Arkansas in the SEC?

If Arkansas fans are okay being a mediocre team in the SEC and are okay collecting tons of money then hey that is your goal and you will be happy then. But if you the fans want championships and chances to play in the play off then the athletic department really needs to consider going to another Power 5 conference and stop being the Kansas of the SEC.

Just the thoughts of an Arkansas State Red Wolves fan. Do what is best for your program. Right now Arkansas State is in the conference that is best for our program. Things will change as we continue to build on our 6 years of success. Razorback fans do best to stop worrying about stAte and worry about the future of your program.

So what do you think? Should the Razorbacks get out of the SEC? If so which conference would you like to see them in?




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