Why I Choose Nintendo



I haven’t played a Nintendo console or game since I was a young fat kid. As a fat guy I have been all Sony…then I went to Microsoft. But as games began to be more about graphics and less story driven creative achievements, I started  wanting to play older games rather than the new ones. The problem with games these days is for the most part it is the same games just made by a different company trying to copy them. Or it is the same game just better graphics, story sucks and game play is not fun. There are a few games that come along that are great like The Last of Us , Uncharted and the early days of Metal Gear Solid and  Final Fantasy. For Microsoft, Halo…well the early Halo games. There are others but you get my point, good games are on the decline.

And now all the hype seems to be who has the bigger-better-powerful system and the creators are forgetting the most important things, the fun factor and story. Screw best graphics. Mafia 3 looked good but sucked! Halo 5 looked good but sucked! A game comes out way too early and at launch it is a mess, but have no fear a patch will fix that, terrible! Then all these FPS games focus is mainly just online multiplayer with bad or no single player campaigns.

About a year ago I started to consider going to Nintendo, where it all started, where I fell in love with games. The Wii U at the time seem to be going down hill, sells where bad and not many games in the works. So I went back to the last gen consoles for a while and played some really great games with great story. But even then most of the games where again pretty much the same, missing something, missing the fun factor. But now the Nintendo Switch is coming and I am all on board. Graphics look good so far from what I seen. It is a console that you can take with you for crying out loud!! Games for the casual gamer and hardcore gamer. And I have always liked buying hard copies over digital, Sony and Microsoft force you to download the games either way and takes up so much space. So the fact that the Switch gives you an option is a huge selling point for me as well.

Nintendo has always lead the way in new ways to play and their games are known for being fun, taking you to magical worlds. A way to enjoy a game with friends on your couch in the same room. Games that can appeal to everyone, that are DIFFERENT and GAME CHANGING. These are the reasons I am all Nintendo now. Sony and Xbox have lost the vision of what a great game really is. Not a way to see who has the bigger equipment. Besides, we all know who really wins that battle right…PC!

I have read and watched so many hatters in the last week about how Nintendo sucks, the Switch will fail,  and all the hate between Sony and Microsoft over the years, I had to let everyone know my choice and my reason. Just pick the console for you and let us enjoy ours. So there is my thoughts, my two cents on the topic.

Happy Gaming everyone.



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